Why should I hire the Adley Law Firm for my car accident lawsuit?

The Adley Law Firm has been handling vehicle accident cases for 25 years. Experience matters in complex, hard-fought battles with insurance company lawyers. We have helped thousands of Houston area injury victims recover millions of dollars for their injuries. We never settle for less than what you are entitled to and we have taken countless insurance companies to trial because they have refused to make fair settlement offers.

We are able to get damages where many attorneys cannot because the insurance companies already know that if we do not get a fair settlement offer for our client, we will go the distance and let the jury decide. Insurance companies do not like that because they know that we can explain to the jury what you have gone through and describe the physical injuries, pain, suffering, and the mental anguish that you and your loved ones have sustained as a result of the negligence of the other party.


What if I cannot afford to hire the Adley Law Firm?

We do not charge you anything until we recover for you. No one ever leaves our office with less money than they came in with.

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