Texas Storm Damage Lawyers

Texas Storm Damage Lawyers

Have You Suffered Property Loss in a Storm?

The Texas storm damage lawyers at our firm have experience with this type of property loss.  It can be devastating to have your home and personal effects damaged or destroyed by a storm.

Whether it is a coastal wind-driven rain storm or North Texas hail, the property damage you suffer can be minor, or for many in the floods of Hurricane Harvey, your property damage can be a total loss.

Insurance Coverage for Storm Damage

Most of us have different types of insurance policies for storm damage. Homeowners’ or renters’ insurance compensates us for damage to our house, yard and home effects. Car insurance pays for damage to our vehicles and business insurance may cover business property damage and interruption to our business operations.

However, insurance companies do not make the claims process as straightforward as it can be and they have their own evaluators assessing and often under-valuing your loss in order to pay you as little as possible.

Other times, after going through the claims process, the insurance company will deny your claim outright in an effort to pay you nothing at all. If it can be proven that the insurance company’s denial was wrongful, you may have a significant claim against the insurance company, beyond the value of your property damage, for insurance bad faith.

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If you’ve suffered a storm-related property loss, you should speak with an experienced storm damage insurance lawyer as soon as you can, ideally before you start the claims process.

And all the more so, you should talk to a seasoned insurance lawyer if you feel your claim was wrongfully denied.

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