Hurt at Work Injured on the JobHouston consistently ranks among the four largest cities in America and, as result, employs more workers than all but a couple or three other cities in the United States. Houston’s massive workforce means a booming local economy, but it also means astronomical numbers of injuries on the job. As result, we need to ask the question, “What should you do if you are hurt at work?” We have answered that question for you in the form of a checklist. The steps are in order, but you will notice urgency in each of them, which we will explain along the way:

Action Plan if You Are Hurt at Work.

STEP #1: Report the Injury to Your Employer Immediately.

An undocumented, untimely documented (i.e., not immediate), or even poorly documented on-the-job injury makes life unnecessarily difficult for the injured. So, ask your employer to prepare and sign an accident report at the time of the incident. If he does not, then draft a detailed (critical factor) report of your accident for your and your employer to sign. We strongly recommend signing a total of three copies of the report: one signed copy for your employer and one signed copy for you.

STEP #2: Seek Medical Attention Immediately.

Many Texans unnecessarily are partially or even completely debilitated because they failed to seek immediate medical attention following an on-the-job injury. Instead of getting help, they uttered sentences like, “It’s probably nothing,” “I’ll be fine,” “It doesn’t hurt that badly,” “I’m only a little sore,” and a host of others like them. Unfortunately, our Houston workers compensation lawyers have seen exactly this scenario come to fruition on more than a few occasions, so please don’t be that guy. Go to a doctor as soon after you’re hurt at work as you are able.

STEP #3: Contact Us Immediately.

Workers compensation law generally serves well to protect Texans who are hurt at work. Unfortunately, the workers compensation laws are vast in number and complexity. In fact, the 2013 Workers Compensation Act is 529 pages in length, which 33 pages shorter than 2011 WCA document. For this reason, we urge those hurt at work to contact us quickly because each Houston personal injury lawyer at Adley Law Firm understands all 529 pages of that document and are well-prepared to seek justice on your behalf.

Why the Repetition of “Immediately?”

By now, you’ve probably noticed a pattern. We placed these steps in chronological order, but we stressed expediency in all of them because an ideal scenario has all three of these happening very soon after the on-the-job injury. In fact, if at all possible, we recommend completing all three items on the checklist the same day you are hurt at work. The reason for the urgency in all three steps is that speed is key. Speed is key in reporting an injury to make sure no detail is lost. Speed is also key in seeking medical attention because injuries that seem minor today often reveal themselves as major when they go untreated. Finally, speed is key in contacting us because representing you well hangs upon our gathering every detail as quickly as we can.

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