Several marks define the Houston personal injury attorneys at Adley Law Firm and the representation our clients receive.

Unwavering Integrity. The November 1962 edition of the Texas Bar Journal contained an article entitled, ”How to Succeed as a Lawyer.” It was originally a letter from a father who was an attorney to his son who was finishing law school. This letter is significant to us because it captures the foundation of integrity upon which our firm is built. Roland Boyd reminded his son that, “an attorney’s integrity is of vital concern to the community.” He couldn’t be more right. Attorneys without integrity produce societies without justice. That’s not where we want to live. We want a just Houston and our Houston injury lawyers are committed to attaining it.

Individualized Representation. It is true that no two people are exactly alike. It is also true that no two cases are exactly alike. As such, the Houston injury lawyers at Adley Law Firm are committed to individualized representation. This means focused attention for each case and personalized care for each client. As result, every detail is gathered, all data is considered, and your case reflects the uniqueness of your situation.

Clear Communication.  Our Houston personal injury attorneys are committed to clear communication. We recognize that our clients are capable of learning legal vocabulary words. We just don’t assume they want to do that while coping with the effects of personal injury. We assume our clients come to us for help getting life as close to normal again as possible. So, our Houston personal injury attorneys cut through the unnecessary legal jargon as much as possible to say what needs to be said in the language that we all use every day. Clear communication also means that our clients are informed at each step along the way. Although our clients are always welcome to call us, our Houston personal injury attorneys aim to eliminate the need for that. You need to know what’s going on with your case and we make sure that you stay up-to-date.

Tireless Effort. Doing a job the right way requires personal sacrifice. It demands that a person be willing to give of himself perhaps even more than he thought he could. At Adley Law Firm, this sometimes means late nights and long hours not only for our attorneys, but also for our paralegals, private investigators, and administrative professionals. Tireless effort is what each client receives because tireless effort is what clients deserve. It’s what justice requires.


Satisfied Clients. With commitments like these, you expect satisfied clients. We’re thankful to have seemingly countless testimonials from clients who are thankful not only for the quality of representation they received, but also for the manner in which they were treated by our attorneys and staff during the process.

Phenomenal Success. Since its doors in 1996, Adley Law Firm has won millions of dollars for thousands of Houston area residents. This magnitude of success is truly phenomenal and our Houston personal injury lawyers are excited to make your case part of it.

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