Houston Car Accident Lawyers

Houston Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents injure and/or claim the lives of thousands of Houston residents every year. If you are or someone you know is one of them, then don’t fight for justice alone. Contact a Houston personal injury lawyer at Adley Law Firm today at (800) 856-9595 or by completing our initial consulation form. The Houston car accident lawyers at Adley Law Firm have been helping the residents of Houston and surrounding areas cope with the often devastating effects of car accidents since 1996. During this time, our Houston car accident lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of car accident cases and are ready now to handle yours. We provide case evaluations free of charge and if we believe further legal representation will benefit you, our representation only costs you if we win. So, get in touch with us today. Let our expert attorneys seek for you the fair compensation you deserve.

Houston Car Accident Statistics

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the United States was home to almost 11 million motor vehicle accidents in 2009. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 30,862 of those accidents resulted in the loss of life. As result, it is no surprise that the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) reported just two years later that 58,339 car accidents occurred in the state of Texas alone. During that time, 80,188 people suffered “serious injuries” on Texas roadways, including nearly 3,100 who lost their lives. Tragically, more than 10% of those fatalities (364) happened right here in Harris County, which means that the Houston area averaged a traffic fatality on all but one day of the year.

If you or someone close to you suffers serious personal injury in a car accident, don’t let them fight for themselves. Let an expert Houston car accident attorney at Adley Law Firm ensure they receive the fair and just compensation they deserve.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Houston

Statistics like these leave one asking, “How do these accidents happen? Most of the auto accident cases evaluated by the Houston car accident attorneys at Adley Law Firm are distracted driving accidents (e.g. text messaging, looking away from the road, etc.), speeding accidents, drunk driving accidents, inexperience accidents (e.g. teenage drivers), failure to obey traffic signals (e.g. traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, etc.), inclement weather accidents, drowsy driving accidents, and/or equipment malfunction accidents.

Common Injures Sustained in Car Accidents

The personal injuries that result from these car accidents range from minor personal injury to serious personal injury. The most common car accident injury cases evaluated by the Houston car wreck lawyers at Adley Law Firm are:

If you have suffered any of these of personal injuries in a car accident, then let one of the Houston car accident lawyers at Adley Law Firm work toward the just and fair resolution you deserve.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Houston Car Accident LawyerOur Houston car accident lawyers are often asked by those involved in a car accident whether they need a car accident attorney. The short answer is, “Yes.” Here’s why:

Many insurance companies delay compensating those injured in car wrecks, leaving the injured responsible for his/her own medical bills and loss of income until payment from the insurance company is received. Making matters worse, the compensation received from insurance companies often fails to cover the medical bills and income lost as result of the accident, leaving the accident victim not temporarily, but ultimately responsible for his/her own medical bills and loss of income.

Our Houston car accident attorneys do not tolerate that kind of treatment for our clients.

The Houston car accident lawyers at Adley Law Firm have both the expertise and resolve needed to make insurance companies provide just and fair compensation for you. In fact, the team of Houston personal injury attorneys at Adley Law Firm includes a lawyer who is board certified in personal injury trial law, placing him in the top 2% of all personal injury trial lawyers in the state of Texas. Schedule a free case evaluation now to get the help you need.

Get Help from Our Expert Houston Car Accident Lawyers

Each Houston car accident lawyer at Adley Law Firm has successfully represented those who have suffered serious personal injury in car accidents. Since 1996, our attorneys have successfully fought for and won speedy and fair resolutions on behalf of Houston area residents. Call Adley Law Firm today at (800) 856-9595 or complete our free initial consulation form to schedule a case evaluation with an expert Houston personal injury lawyer.